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Simple Japanese Beauty Secrets You Should Know

Japanese beauty secrets
Have you noticed Japanese women distinguish not only by racial and ethnic differences, but also by flawless porcelain skin and youthful look? How do they manage to seem 10, 20 or 30 years younger than their real age?

We pursued our own investigation and want to share with you some of the most popular and simple Japanese secrets beautiful skin you can easily follow.

The basic beauty rule

Japanese real secret of beauty not confined to taking regular care of their skin. A Japanese lady got used to take care of herself and feel feminine and beautiful at all hours – and that’s the fundamental rule. Japanese woman tries to stay calm and without too much stress, (by the way, stress is the number one enemy of beauty and health).


Beyond that, women in Japan:
• drink green tea every day;
• don’t eat rich food, lots of meat and sweets;
• don’t use too much makeup.

Simple Japanese beauty secrets

• The typical skincare process of the Japanese women varies, but in general, they try to keep it simple and not use dozens of different products.
• The Japanese woman will definitely choose traditional, simple, natural beauty product that might come from rice, camellia plant, seaweed and edible herbs.
• A red bean is a centuries old, but still popular ingredient to rub gently on the face, which results in smooth skin.
red bean
• They also use special oils, like rice bran oil, as a makeup and eye shadow remover.
• The Japanese ladies use camellia, ancient floral oil, that softens wrinkles and keeps moisture balance in dry skin.
• Highly refined rice bran powder is very popular product in Japan, as it rich in vitamins B1, B3, B6, E, and numerous anti-aging antioxidants. Rice bran powder whitens and nourishes flawless complexion.
• Facial scrub is one of the most important skin-care product in Japan, originally used for nourishing and cleansing skin.
• Another old Japanese beauty secret is facial blotting paper – its mattifying effect helps to keep shine-free complexion daylong.
facial blotting paper

Japanese food secrets for beautiful skin

• Japanese can easily access to one of the nation’s favourite food – seaweed, which is rich in iodine, zinc and other healthy minerals. Therefore, the Japanese women consume a lot of seaweed to keep fit and to get a glowing skin.
• In addition, they eat a kind of sea algae that help to protect their skin from UV rays, pollution, fine lines and dark eye circles.
• Japanese women eat fish (which is very high in Omega-3) regularly to keep healthy and glowing skin.
• They consume lots of oranges to deoxidize and break up melanin resulting in whiter skin. They prefer stay out of direct sunrays.
Japanese girl with umbrella
• And prefer not to eat bread – instead of this, they eat huge amounts of rice without butter or oil.
• Japanese like eating brassicas, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, turnips and bok choy.
• The Japanese women consume natural animal collagen from beef or chicken as well, as collagen is the basis for beautiful skin and keeps it from scarring and getting wrinkles or any other skin imperfections.

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